Time Off

Hey, all! Greetings from the land of Spanish Moss and fiddler crabs. I have been on the island a week now, pounding out my revisions, going from the beach to the bay, handing out snacks, balancing the mother thing with the writer thing and becoming what my friends refer to as ISLAND MISTY. This is my favorite version of myself, my alter ego, my alias, in a place where there is no school, somewhere over the rainbow (cue the music and dancing Muppets) As I was saying, there is no school, other than the naturally occurring daily – sometimes three and four times!! – science lessons.  Yesterday science was a skeleton of a lizard and trying to figure out what kind of bird greets us every morning, and the ever changing loosening and tightening of the boat ropes due to tide water. I did, after all, earn a science degree, so this stuff never fails to fascinate me.  GEEK MOM.

Of course, there are some drawbacks.

I have mentioned before that this is no picnic. We do have water and electricity, but there are no stores on the island, so when I need groceries, it’s the golf cart (no cars on the island) to the boat, boat to the marina, get in the car and so on.
But- there is no practice or lesson of any kind for us to rush to. The only thing we try to beat is heavy rain and lightening.
We swim, we run, we bike, we tube, we hike. We meet dogs on the beach and miss ours that passed away.
We talk about the new dog we’ll have and how we’ll enjoy it. We make new friends, eat another snack.
When we’re tired, we sleep.

So far, the only bummers we’ve had are bummer batteries. One dead golf cart battery and two dead boat batteries, but we got it all fixed and we’re rolling now. Except that my aloe plant is dying.
This is summer. This is my island family.


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  1. Love this!

    I found my two sides warring when we were in FL last week. I was surprised to find that the mountain girl wasn’t putting up much of a fight this time. Now she’s home and going, “Hm. There’s a smoky mountain. Whoopteedoo.”

    Enjoy your summer full of science lessons!

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