Sweeter Than Tea

The anthology is out! Not just the ebook, but the one where you physically turn pages and smell that booky smell and set it on a shelf and say, “Hey! See that book there? I KNOW someone who contributed to that!” So, yea! It’s out there, folks. Like a plate of fried chicken, waiting to be devoured. I stopped by my favorite tea room downtown the other morning to drop off a complimentary copy to the owner and someone asked how long I thought about the characters before I wrote the story.
How long? Hmmm…
“Do they pop onto the page or what?”
Miles did. Lexie, I’ve thought about for years. Aunt Blanche & Mimi I’ve known all my life.
So, it depends.

I think if writers were honest, we’d say some of those characters walk with us every day. We’re schizophrenic that way. When we slice tomatoes, we wonder how our main character would do it. If we smell our nasty trash can, we wonder if our villain cleans his/hers on a regular basis or if he/she just lets it stink up the garage.

All those movies and books that thrill you and you think, ‘Ah, that’s how it should happen!’ We want to give you that. It’s our goal and it takes work. (Some of us want to disturb you, but that’s another form of entertainment) All the time normal people think we’re off in a dreamy floating state — hint — we are. We’re writing 24/7.

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  1. Some characters seem to leap off the page and become more real to you than real people. I was telling one of my brothers about a novel I wrote (still unpublished) and he finally turned to my husband and asked, “Does she know those people aren’t real?” My husband shook his head. “No.”

    Keep writing!

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